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Skin texture problems, such as crepey skin, or issues with elasticity and reduced collagen, can significantly impact one's appearance with age. However, advancements in non-surgical laser treatments have provided effective solutions with minimal downtime. These innovative laser procedures can target and address specific concerns related to skin texture, stimulating collagen production, improving elasticity, and restoring a smoother and more youthful complexion. By harnessing the power of these new treatments, individuals can achieve remarkable improvements in their skin's texture, helping them regain a more vibrant and rejuvenated appearance without the need for invasive surgical interventions.


Solutions for Improved Skin Texture Include:

Crepey Skin | Decolletage | Hyperpigmentation/Melasma | SC-Hyperpigmentation 1 | Skin Pigmentation | Skin Rejuvenation | Skin Tightening


Hyperpigmentation/Melasma | Crepey Skin | Decolletage | Skin Pigmentation | Skin Rejuvenation

Recovery Time 3 – 7 days
See Results Gradual improvement over time

Fraxel Laser Treatment is a minimally -invasive procedure that uses fractional laser technology to rejuvenate the skin. This treatment targets a fraction of the skin’s surface, creating tiny microthermal zones that stimulate collagen production and promote the growth of fresh, healthy skin cells. The recovery time for Fraxel laser treatment typically ranges from several days to a week, during which the skin may appear swollen, red, or sunburned. Over time, as the skin heals, gradual improvement in the skin can be observed. Multiple sessions may be recommended to achieve optimum results for some patients.


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